Rugs on the Carpet

Why Rugs Move on the Carpet and How to Stop Them?

A carefully selected rug can enhance the look of the place by adding more colours and complementing the overall interior design. However, it becomes highly frustrating when you find them moving and shifting their place constantly. If you are facing this problem and don’t know how to fix it, then our blog is what you need right now.

We have thoroughly explained the reason why rugs keep moving and changing their position and how to keep them firmly in their place. We have also guided you in choosing the right rug for your place.

Why Do the Rugs Keep Moving?

Although this problem is mostly associated with smaller rugs, there is a simple explanation for this behaviour. This continuous moving and shifting of rugs is caused by a simple phenomenon called friction. The carpet is smooth and slippery and does not provide enough coefficient of static friction to keep the rug from moving.

When a person walks on the rug, he is basically pushing the ground backwards to provide himself with a push in the forward direction. Low static friction between the carpet and the bottom side of the rug causes it to move under this constant backwards force created by walking persons.

Rugs on carpet

How Can We Stop the Rugs from Moving?

There are a few ways that you can use to anchor your rug firmly to the ground. These methods are the following:

Using Anti-Slip Mats

Anti-slip mats are easy to use and offer a great amount of static friction between the carpet and the bottom side of the rug. They are generally made of silicon or rubber and come in different shapes and sizes. They are extremely easy to install because all you have to do is find an anti-slip mat that matches your rug’s size and put it under your rug.

Using Double Tape

Double tape offers a simpler and cheaper option to stop your rug from moving. It can be easily purchased and used on rugs of any shape and size. All you need to do is apply the tape at the edges and the middle of your rug’s bottom side and place it on the carpet. The sticking material on the tape will create a bond between the carpet and the rug and keep the rug in place.

However, if you are using this method, you need to know that the bond between tape and carpet, or the tape and rug, can wear off after some time, and you will need to reapply the tape after some time. Another thing worth remembering about this method is that the tape leaves residual marks on the carpet and the bottom side of the carpet that you will need to clean.

Anchoring it with Furniture

This method is particularly suitable for bigger rugs with enough surface area to accommodate heavy furniture. It is a simpler and cost-effective solution to the problem and provides a long-term effect as well. Moreover, placing furniture like coffee tables, sofas, and chairs on the rug can also increase the aesthetic look of the place.

However, this method does not provide the solution to the rising corners problem. But don’t worry! We have provided the solution to this problem below.

How to Solve the Rising Corners Problem?

Rising corners are a common problem associated with thin rugs. If your rug is thick and heavy with a substantial weight of its own, you may not face the rising corners problem at all. However, it can be fixed easily using the above-mentioned methods, which are:

  1. Placing an anti-slip mat under your rug will result in strong static friction between the rug and the mat, which can keep the corners in place.
  2. You can apply double tape on the corners of the rug at the bottom side and make them firmly stick to the floor.
  3. If you place heavy furniture like sofas and chairs on the corners, they can solve the rising corner problem of your rug.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Rug

Size of the Rug

Take proper measurements of the available space to buy a rug of an appropriate size. Too big or too small a rug can impact the aesthetics of the place negatively.

Weight of the Rug

Consider the foot traffic to figure out whether you want a heavier rug or a lighter one. The heavier rugs provide more stability and resistance towards deterioration as compared to the lighter ones. However, they can increase the cost significantly.

Style of the Rug

You can find a variety in the colours and styles of the rugs in the market. So, take the theme and decoration of the room into account before selecting the style, colour and shape of the rug.

Material of the Rug

Rugs are available in both natural and synthetic materials. Natural materials are expensive but provide durability and increase the aesthetic value of the place significantly. However, synthetic rugs are relatively cheaper and easy to clean.

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