Cancelling Your Order
You have a right to cancel your order (prior to shipment) for any “Direct to Home”
products purchased on this website, for a full refund. However, if an order has
already been shipped and has left our possession, we will require you to pay the
associated costs of returning the item to us before we will refund the purchase. You
have 14 statutory days starting from the first working day after you have received
your order to cancel and return all products for a full refund. However, the customer
must contact us to arrange collection via our preferred carrier and will be liable to
pay all collection costs incurred by QFlooring Limited and the products must be
unused and in the original packing. If any boxes have been opened   or the product
is returned and you do not have the original packaging, this will be deemed as
acceptance of goods and we will accept or decline the return at our discretion. To
cancel your order please contact our Customer Services team on 07376 387750 or
via Contact Us. 
Please note, if you wish to cancel in full and request for your goods be collected, this
may incur a collection charge which may be higher than the delivery charge
previously paid.  This is because  collection charges are normally more expensive
due to extra handling needed following collection to check and return these products
into stock and Qflooring is subsidising the original delivery cost.
You may cancel your order for a full refund prior to your order being shipped. If you
cancel your order after it has been shipped, you are responsible for any and all
carrier charges incurred by QFlooring Limited which will be higher than the original
delivery charge paid.  Any unpaid carrier charges will be deducted from your refund
(see ‘Cancelling Your Order’ above). If you refuse to accept delivery of your order for
any other reason than the product being damaged in transit, you are liable for return
carrier charges incurred by your refusal. 
If it is found that any of the larger products upon delivery will not fit through any
doors or stairwells and the product is subsequently returned or refused, you are
responsible for all return carrier costs. We would therefore recommend that you
ensure the product will fit and can be transported to its ground floor point of delivery

General Provisions
Product Warranties
Warranties are only applicable for the original purchaser, and an order confirmation
must be provided. Any damage, except accidental damage during transit, occurring
during the fitting or which has occurred due to negligence, malice, removal, fire,
water damage and similar events will void the warranty. Similarly, damage or marks
which have appeared following the use of an unsuitable chemical product or

improper cleaning method, are not covered by the warranty. If your flooring is agreed
to be replaced, QFlooring Limited will deliver, to the exclusion of other demands, an
equivalent product chosen from the “Direct to Home” product range and collect the
defective product (which must be uplifted and in a fit state for transportation). Other
costs incurred during the replacement of the new flooring will not be covered. In the
event of a disagreement, an independent expert will be appointed to inspect the
flooring in situ. Statutory rights are not affected.
Damage in Transit / Shortages
If you believe your goods are damaged, these must be reported to us as quickly as
possible and no later than 14 days after arrival.  If these are noted at the time of
delivery, this should be pointed out to the delivery driver and they should be asked to
make a note of this and take pictorial evidence to confirm this.  If you will not be
present at the time of the delivery, please ensure the person accepting the goods on
your behalf is aware of this requirement.  This does not affect your statutory rights
and in the events of the goods being faulty, these will be replaced.
Problems With Your Order
Whilst our third-party carriers will do what they can to prevent damage in transit, this
can sometimes occur or issues may arise to prevent delivery of your order that are
out of our control.  We cannot accept any liability for time or financial loss as a result
of, for example but not limited to; cancellation costs of a fitter booking, loss of holiday
etc. These provisions made are by your choice and at your discretion but do not
affect your statutory rights. We would also advise all customers to check their order
in full prior to arranging any additional services or aforementioned costs, as we
cannot be held liable for additional costs incurred. If your order is found to be
incorrect on delivery or inspection, we will however arrange for a replacement item or
refund for any incorrect items at no additional cost to you where possible.