Clean and Maintain Vinyl Flooring

How to Clean and Maintain Vinyl Flooring (Do’s & Don’ts)

Vinyl flooring is one of the popular choices as it requires relatively less maintenance and is comfortable to walk on. Overall, it gives a great look to your home, but it is vital to keep it looking smart by paying special attention towards its cleaning and maintenance.

This guide covers the characteristics of vinyl flooring, due to which it is a popular choice for homeowners. In addition, it also includes the importance of flooring maintenance along with enlisting the do’s and don’ts of cleaning the flooring for careful handling of accidental spills and dirt.

Characteristics of Vinyl Flooring

According to experts, there is projected to be a 7.4% increase in vinyl flooring sales by 2025. It is because of its suitability to install in any home based on these unique characteristics:

  • Aesthetics
  • Durability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Longevity
  • Resilience
  • Strength

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Do’s & Don’ts for Vinyl Flooring Maintenance

Some unique and special tricks help keep vinyl flooring in optimal condition, such as:


  • Clean the floor daily with the help of a soft brush to remove loose debris, dirt, and dust from its surface.
  • Wipe away the spills immediately to avoid floor damage or any unfortunate incidents of slipping over the floor.
  • Lay a doormat at your home’s entrance to keep the dirt out.
  • Wear soft-soled shoes while walking over the floor.
  • Trim the nails of your pet cats and dogs to avoid permanent flooring damage.
  • Clean the floor using two mops; one for washing it and the other for rinsing to avoid the soap scum layer formation on the floor.
  • Install floor protectors under your home’s bulky items, including furniture and large appliances, to avoid dents.
  • Always carry, lift, or wheel the heavy items while moving them over vinyl flooring.
  • Utilise Jojoba oil or WD-40 on a soft cloth to remove the scuff marks by rubbing.
  • Sweep the flooring before using mops to remove the loose dirt.
  • Use a cleaner which is specially made for vinyl flooring.
  • Place area rugs in high-traffic areas, including living rooms, hallways, etc.
  • Ensure regular inspection of the flooring to identify the damages earlier.
  • Close the blinds or curtains to avoid the flooring exposure to direct sunlight.


  • Do not drag, push, or pull heavy furniture over the vinyl flooring.
  • Do not use wax-containing floor cleaners.
  • Do not add sodium bicarbonate in warm water and soap mixture for stain removal.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning detergents.
  • Do not keep your vinyl flooring drenched with water while cleaning it.
  • Do not use hot water while mopping.
  • Do not use steam mops to clean the flooring, as it can cause damage due to high temperatures.
  • Do not turn on the beater bar while vacuuming the vinyl flooring.
  • Do not use tough bristles mop.
  • Do not ignore the spills, and clean them before they get dry.
  • Do not use steel wool to scrub the vinyl flooring.
  • Do not expose vinyl flooring to direct sunlight, as harmful UV rays can make its appearance fade.

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Cleaning Scuffs and Stains from Vinyl Flooring

Scuffs and stains may appear on vinyl flooring even if you ensure maximum care. You can follow these tips to get rid of these common issues:

  • Use a soft cloth soaked in water and rub it over the scuff. However, if the scuff is more stubborn, you can use a mild abrasive cleaner, like baking soda or toothpaste, to clean it.
  • Use a mixture of mild soap and water to clean up the spills and stains. However, you can use a stain remover to clean stubborn stains.

If you use an abrasive cleaner, test it in an inconspicuous area of your home to check if it does not impact the floor finishing. Moreover, follow the instructions on the stain remover to avoid damage to the flooring.

Importance of Vinyl Flooring Maintenance

With proper care and maintenance of vinyl flooring, you can enhance its life and preserve its beautiful appearance with these added benefits:

  • Prevent the dust from getting trodden into the flooring.
  • Avoid the formation of scratches and other damaging marks.
  • Save the glue bond from destruction, preventing the entry of water into corners and edges of vinyl flooring.
  • Save the flooring from getting curled or loose.
  • Keep the flooring nice and clean.
  • Protects your investment; keeps the flooring bold and aesthetic for several years.
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